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Solvey Dry Loos use NO WATER.
They are hygienic, odourless, easy to use and mobile. They are good for you, our city and our planet.

Save Water

Save 9 litres of water every time you don't flush

Save Money

Water costs money. Our dry loos put money in your pocket

Save Our


Make compost instead of waste for chemical treatment plants

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Why Us?

Welcome to Solvey Dry Loo

At first glance, moving away from a flush toilet to a dry loo may not appeal to everyone. Firstly because flushing water down a toilet is a habit that most of us have been doing our entire lives and secondly because it's admittedly convenient (even if it's rather environmentally unconscious).


But Solvey Dry Loos are carefully designed bearing all of this in mind and hence why our loos have a few magic touches to make the transition smooth and enjoyable! Discover more on the circles below...

How It Works
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What our clients say!

“I can't believe we are still using flushing toilets, wasting dozens of liters of fresh drinking water daily when we could be saving water every day and making compost for our gardens at the same time.”

Vicky Nells, Business Owner

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