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  • Does the loo smell?
    The loo does not smell at all if the contents are properly covered with sawdust. If it ever smells, simply throw more sawdust on top.
  • How often must I empty the bucket?
    The more people use the loo and the more frequently it is used, the more often you'll have to change it. On average, however, it takes two people one week to fill a bucket.
  • How long can the contents remain in the bucket?
    There is essentially no time limit to the length that a bucket can sit with contents in it as long as the contents are fully covered with sawdust. You may also put aside buckets with their lids tightly sealed for months if you wish.
  • Can I throw urine and faeces in my municipal wheelie bins?
    No, you may not do this. This is illegal and a health hazard. All urine and faeces you collect in your loo should be composted by yourself in your garden compost bin.
  • What foodscraps and other household waste can I throw in my compost bin?
    A lot! Anything that was once alive is essentially decomposable. From your kitchen, you may include all your vegetable and fruit wastes (including rinds and cores), even if they are moldy and ugly, old bread, cookies, crackers, pizza crust, noodles and anything made out of flour, coffee grounds, tea bags, filters, egg shells and much more! You can compost newspapers too, just as long as you cut them up into fine strips or pieces. You can even compost your hair!
  • Is there anything I shouldn't compost?
    It's best to keep animal poo off this compost pile as animals can often carry disease in their faeces. Braai ashes are also not so great - rather keep out. Contrary to popular belief, meat, fats, oils and dairy products can in fact compost extremely well, but they may attract rodents and other animals, so the trick is simply to dig them deep in the pile if you include them. Have a pitch fork available for this and as usual, cover the pile properly with sawdust afterwards. You won't have a problem with animals (or smell) if you do this properly.
  • How full should the bucket be before it’s emptied?
    As soon as it's "too close for comfort"; there is no set rule really. Bear in mind that a very full bucket can be heavy for some people to carry so if that's the case, about 2/3 full is probably a good rough measure.
  • How long does a 5kg bag of sawdust last?
    5kg of sawdust will last you about two full buckets.
  • Where can I put the loo?
    Basically... anywhere. If your bathroom is big enough, put it next to your normal toilet. If your bathroom space is limited and you are not using your shower due to water restrictions, the shower is a great little spot for your dry loo. But since the loo does not smell, it can literally live anywhere you have space. The loo is also particularly good for people in wheelchairs or people with disabilities that prevent them from moving around easily as the loo may be positioned next to a bed or in a larger room, for example.
  • How can I dispose of the bucket contents if I live in an apartment block?
    You need a compost bin to dispose of the bucket contents. If you live in an apartment block, we suggest you approach the body corporate who could set up a large compost bin for those residents who would like to use dry loos. Bear in mind that someone should be responsible to ensure the pile is always covered with adequate cover material and that the compost bin would need to sit on soil or grass and not on gravel.
  • Do you do deliveries?
    We can deliver to the Gaborone Area for P300. Outside of Gaborone, please arrange with any delivery company to come and collect. You are also welcome to visit our office in Broadhurst Industrial to get your loo - it will fit into any car and is easy to carry. Call us in advance if you'll be coming to the office as we're not always there.
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