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How It Works

The Loo

It's "business as usual" in the loo: faeces, urine and toilet paper all go in together. (Do not segregate urine from faeces; this is not necessary and the liquid is a must for your compost later on as a dry pile will not decompose as quickly or as well as a moist one). Once you're done, simply cover the contents with sawdust, lower the lid and walk away.


*Note that the lid is not really what prevents odours from escaping or flies from gaining access to the toilet contents; instead, the sawdust is.

Dry Loo

The Cover Material

The best cover material is sawdust but other materials can be used too, such as peat moss, leaf mould, rice hulls or grass cuttings.


This will prevent odours, absorb urine and eliminate any fly nuisance. Urine is deposited into the same receptacle and as the liquid surface rises, more cover material is added so that a clean layer of organic material covers the toilet contents at all times

Dry Loo Combo

The Compost Bin

When the bucket is full, take it to your compost bin and empty its contents in the bin. You should also add all your household’s organic material here, including all kitchen scraps. This will not only reduce your household’s garbage significantly but is also a necessity for efficient composting as it increases the carbon content of the pile.


Always cover the deposits with organic material such as hay, sawdust, leaf moulds, grass cuttings, peat moss or rice hulls.

Compost Bin
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